Something For Everyone Market, based out of Medicine Hat, Alberta, is a community event focused on supporting small businesses, crafters, and artists.  Large trade shows aren’t for everyone, we have a small town old-fashioned market which is as much about providing quality products as it is about providing a place for people to meet and mingle.

What Vendors Are Saying...

Cannot say enough good things about Something for Everyone Market hosted by Monica Kallis. Just did a great 2 day show this weekend and the advertising is impeccable. In an uncertain economy where is is hard to guarantee the sale of merchandise, etc, Monica used every avenue of advertising including radio, signs, swag bags, promotional items such as water bottles, pens, packs of gum - and was able to pull in over 1600 people! And even had staff available to relieve vendors if they needed to go to the washroom or grab a bite to eat. Wonderfully ran show - highly recommend her shows to any vendors.

Cali Vandewoestyne / Facebook

I attended the Something For Everyone Market by Monica Kallis in Medicine Hat on the weekend. A few things - I was there to rep Steeped Tea and I live in Edmonton (6hr drive + hotel + gas costs). This was my first time at this market. I wanted to try something new and a summer road trip made me happy. The application process was smooth. Her website is easy to manoeuvre and it's a breeze to buy your spot and additional advertising opportunities. She was incredibly responsive and called me within the hour after booking to clarify something in the book process. I would have liked a pre-show email as a new vendor talking about load in and a reminder what was included but she responded to my email of questions very quickly and pointed me to where I could find info.

Driving to the venue we saw SO MANY professionally printed signs that were clear to read and attractive. At the venue there was clear signage for customers. Layout was great. Spaces were ok - there was some confusion on the actual size of the spaces between vendors but everyone was really pleasant and worked out issues among themselves. Vendors were all incredibly happy and welcoming.

Monica walked around and was so friendly throughout the two days. She updated us on marketing and available traffic in the area. There is a farmers market on Saturdays and lots of sports events on the grounds. She had radio on the Sunday broadcasting live. Sunday morning she does a vendor shopping opportunity which was awesome and fun. Swag bags looked packed and were optional to donate to.

I think she said there was about 1600+ over the two days but it seemed like more as there was always shoppers in the aisles. Customers were happy and friendly.

My sales were great on a gorgeous weekend. I also had great chats with other vendors - everyone was so welcoming! She even has a show mascot which was awesome. Show helpers wear branded red shirts so you can easily find help if you need it or a booth watcher if you have to run to the bathroom. I had heard there was lots of marketing across many avenues in MH from other vendors. Amazing selection of vendors too. Check it out if you're looking for a great venue and organizer.

Marissa Loewen / Facebook

I just returned from Medicine Hat where I attended another fantastic "Something For Everyone" market hosted by Monica Kallis. I can not say enough wonderful things about the effort that she and her group put into making these events a success for vendors. Everything was organized when I arrived; my five tables were set up exactly how my site posts show, the advertising was everywhere, including about 36 signs along the major routes! All volunteers were in distinctive shirts and continuously visible for the two full days.. If you needed a break or an extra pair of hands, they were there. She even went so far as to open 1 1/2. Hours early for vendor only shopping and all 115 booths were manned.. I could go on and on!! There were swag bags and giveaways handed out each day and they were optional for vendors. No admission charged, not door prizes collected from vendors etc.

Attendance last I heard was over 1600 and that was competing with many many other events including Redcliff Days. I will attend any and all 2 day events I can talk her into hosting, and would do every event but it's just too much for me for one day markets.

Leanne Campbell Bailey / Facebook




5 thoughts on “Home

  1. Marilyn Henderson says:

    I am interested in putting in a table, I sell Monat. Is there a Monat distributor already booked?

  2. Debbie Breadner says:

    i am a home crafter that makes items with my cricut machine. i would love a spot in your something for everyone market, for your fall show.

  3. Monica Kallis says:

    All vendors can register on the website under book a table. 6 months prior to rach event I open registration.

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