Something For Everyone Market, based out of Medicine Hat, Alberta, is a community event focused on supporting small businesses, crafters, and artists.  Large trade shows aren’t for everyone, we have a small town old-fashioned market which is as much about providing quality products as it is about providing a place for people to meet and mingle.

What Vendors Are Saying...

Ok, I have to do this, but remember I am a bit prejudice.. I did the Something For Everyone Market in Medicine Hat over the weekend, and as usual, it was fantastic. There were tons of out of town vendors (some travelling over 6 hours to get there) and we all lucked out as the roads were great! We had some set up time on the Friday that the organizer paid extra for, large clearly marked spaces waiting for us and volunteers helping with unloading. Advertising and signage as usual was amazing, its always a game to count how many road signs you spot between the hotel and the exhibition grounds (2.5 kms) and this year there was 12. There was a great variety of vendors, I think 140 of us, and over 3600 came through the doors and they were shopping!! The huge parking lot never emptied; the spin to win wheel at the door was a hit again as usual; someone was giving away small coloring books and crayons for kiddies; there were cute cut outs to take pics at, and mascots wandering around, music in the background and NO ADMISSION CHARGE. The concession staff were wonderful as was the menu/specials and prices! There was a half dozen staff on the floor all dressed in the ugliest Christmas sweaters you have ever seen, for the entire weekend to man your booth if you need a break or pick up your lunch etc. Tons of vendors decorated their booths and dressed for the occasion also adding to the festive atmosphere. The show closed at 4 on Sunday with my last sale at 4:15. Volunteers were there at closing to help with take down at the larger booths and loading vehicles. I had a TRIPLE BOOTH and covered all my costs and expenses by noon on the first day. NOTE: 95% of my items were priced at $25.00 or less...and I offered buy one get one at 1/2 price on the spin to win wheel for those who landed on my vendor spot Do I love to drive 3 hours down to do these events ?? YES!!! Great job Monica Sfem..thank you!
Leanne Campbell Bailey / Facebook
Something For Everyone Market, Medicine Hat There's a ton of advertising, plenty of time to get set up, well organized, always plans with other events near by so attendance is up and vendors are kept busy, helpers are easy to find if vendors need anything. I could keep going on and on forever I think. The best organizer I've worked with!
Lori McKenzie / Facebook
She is pretty amazing with all that she does for our market, She goes out of her way to organize and advertise. She helps us out if we need to leave our booths for bathroom breaks..keeps us in the loop with how many people are in the door plus is FAIR with everyone involved. She is always upbeat and positive for EVERY market and makes sure we as vendors are COMFORTABLE during the day. This is the ONLY market I join in on each year 🙂
Christy Vince / Facebook




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