Something For Everyone Market & Events, based out of Medicine Hat, Alberta, is community events focused on supporting small businesses, crafters, and artists.  Large trade shows aren’t for everyone, we have a small town old-fashioned market which is as much about providing quality products as it is about providing a place for people to meet and mingle.

I have been attending the Something For Everyone Market for several years, and Monica has always treated myself, other vendors and customers with the utmost respect. Her markets are always well organized and planned, giving both vendors and customers the greatest shopping experience. Monica, along with her staff are the most approachable people I have had the pleasure to work with at markets.

Monica not only provides a cost efficient place for vendors to showcase their products, but also a safe and friendly environment for everyone to meet and mingle.

Thank you, –Rowena Baker (SuperDips)

Monica supports her community by offering affordable markets for small local businesses
These events are free to all the guests. They also  give Medicine Hat residents
An alternative choice for their shopping needs.  A fun social event for our city.
These events are well organized and everyone is welcome. A great contribution to the medicine Hat Community- for vendor & shoppers.

I have been with Monica’s markets since 2014 and have been with her ever since. There are very few  markets that I have not attended which was only because of a Scheduling Conflict or an outdoor market  where my product does not do well. She promotes small vendors who provide shoppers with amazing  treasures 

I do a fair number of markets other than Monica’s and I have to say of all the Event Coordinators, Monica is by far my favorite. She truly cares about her vendors and provides us with as much  information as possible. She posts on her Market page well in advance of the Market Registration  letting us know when registration will be. She plays no favorites in that regard, it’s always first come  first serve. She keeps us informed by email of market changes or protocol changes so no one has a  reason not to know something. 

If you have an issue or problem she will always let you discuss it with her and she tries to find a fair  solution. At the same time she does not tolerate any harassment to either her or her vendors. 

During Covid, when markets were on again and off again, she always gave us a heads up by email of what  was happening every time there was a change. We even had a zoom meeting or two discussing what we  could do and what the way forward was. She is always investigating where to have new markets. 

Her and her staff are always friendly, smiling, and willing to help. Although they don’t have to (per the  terms and conditions of the markets) the staff are always willing to help someone out with loading and  unloading of products. As a sole market vendor although I do not expect it at any market, I find this is  very helpful and Greatly Appreciated. Her market staff will man your booth while you go to the  washroom or if you need to order food from the concession. During the Event she goes around checking  with vendors to see how they are doing or if they have any issues. Hers are the only markets that I have  attended where any of these things have happened. 

She recently did a market where she asked vendors to decorate and gave prizes for the best decorated.  How awesome (and fun) is that. I’ve seen her interacting with the  customers as well while they are shopping. 

She has been voted the Best Event Planner in Medicine Hat for the last 6 years, and justly so. I would highly recommend Monica and the Something For Everyone Market. 

Wendy-Independent Scentsy Consultant

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  1. Shawna Kolkman says:

    Hi. I’m am interested in participating in markets. I have never attended as a vendor. So am wondering about rules and regulations,cost ect.
    Thank you very much and I look forward to chatting with you
    Shawna Kolkman

  2. Pamela Schultz says:

    I have booked and payed for a table! However I have not received any email or confirmation at all!!

  3. Monica Kallis says:

    If payment was accepted your name will be on a confirmed list on this website under the upcoming event section.

  4. Eleanor (Elly) Twork says:

    Is move in time today Dec 1 from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm for the Dec 2 and Dec 3 Christmas market or can we set up earlier

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