November 28-29 Cancellation


Cancellation/ Transfer:

  • Please check table availability (confirmed vendors section of website) before you complete the registration order. For example; if there is an Avon rep already, and that is what you registered with the vendor who registered first will be permmitted in the event.
  • NO REFUNDS AFTER THE 14 DAY MARK PRIOR TO EACH EVENT reguardless of the following Term & Condition.
  • NO REFUNDS AFTER THE 60 DAY MARK PRIOR TO EACH EVENT, unless there is a waiting list in which case you can send in a cancellation fee and get a refund on your spot. Please allow up to 48 hours.
  • There is NO transferring table fees to different dates.
  • If you cancel your spot you are permitted in future events. If you are a no show you run the risk of not being permitted back in.