1-Alberta Health Services

  • Anything edible MUST have the approval from AHS or be a low risk baked good.
  • Any of the below mentioned items must be submitted to AHS by SFEM, please ensure information & product are entered correctly on the registration form: Your information is submitted to AHS by SFEM, all food vendors MUST submit the proper permits to SFEM.
  • Foods NOT permitted, Any food  items deemed “High Risk ” by AHS
  • Foods processed in a commercial kitchen that is already permitted, would require another food handling permit. In short, it’s a double hit for permits (one for their commercial kitchen, and one for the market) THESE PERMITS MUST BE WITH YOU AT THE EVENT.
  • No Edible items will be permitted to register prior to 2 weeks to the event.



2- Cancellation/ Transfer:

  • First direct sales rep to register is confirmed, see upcoming event for full list.
  • NO REFUNDS AFTER 60 days prior to each event.
  • There is a $25.00 cancellation fee/ transfer fee to a team mate. ( must be authorized by Event Manager)
  • There is NO transferring table fees to different dates.
  • If you cancel your spot you are permitted in future events. If you are a no show you run the risk of not being permitted back in.
  • See Cancellation fees under book a table tab.

3-Multiple Crafts, Businesses

  • There can only be 1 product/ business per table. (ie. You cannot sell your Avon and Epicure products at the same table).
  • If you want to sell ie) Avon and hand made jewelry you can register twice with 1 registration for each business/ craft up to two Just request in registration to have booths next to each other.
  • If you sell clothing, and just a bit of jewelry, then you sell jewelry and clothes. If you sell AVON then you sell skin care, cosmetics and jewery, all items at your booth must be listed on the registration form.
  • 1 direct sales company per market, (see terms-conditions prior to BOOKING)

4-Vendor admittance to events

  • Something For Everyone Market reserves the sole right to determine the eligibility of any company, product, or service to exhibit in these events, and further reserves the right to reject any application.
  • Something For Everyone Market may at any time, limit direct sales companies, crafters, artists, home businesses due to repeat products/ services.
  • Vendors must be on site and checked in by 930AM.

5- Payments

  • Vendors have 2 days to secure spot with payment, this is stated on the website.
  • Receipts are the confirmation notice sent via email after registration & fees are submitted. Keep your email
  • Method of payments accepted Credit card via pay pal, or Email money transfer ( emt ) EMT can be sent to [email protected] with the password: market
  • Any other EMT’S with passwords other then above will be declined.


  • If you need a certificate for your table (ie. nail tech, dermatology,certified kitchen, etc.) it needs to be with you at the event.

7- Displays

  • Vendors are responsible for table linens as they are NOT provided
  • Please keep all inappropriate items 2-3′ above floor or out of sight of little eyes as these are family events.
  • ALL items are to remain in your spot. There is to be no items outside your permitted area.
  • You can set your booth up how you wish IE additional shelf, table, shape providing it fits in your space and follows these rules.

8- Banners/ Signage

  • No pinning or sticking posters to walls, they must be free standing or displayed on the table. Painters tape is permitted to be used on the tables.

9- Set up

  • Set up is 2 hours prior to market opening, unless otherwise noted in event email prior to said event.  2 day events vendors can leave displays set up. (remove cash box and leave premises promptly if permitted)
  • Early set up (if available) is posted on the SFEM face book page the week of the event. SFEM Facebook page
  • Outdoot events requires 50lbs minimal of weight per canopy. Vendors set up their own displays no table/chairs provided.


  • No burning candles permitted on premises.
  • no balloons, no confetti, no rice, no sparkles, no loose sand is to be used on there is a minimum of $50.00/ hour cleaning fee. Vendor is responsible for their area, keep it clean.

11- Children

  • Please find alternate care for kids under 10 years of age, kids are not permitted to run around or disrupt other vendors working, they MUST remain in your spot.
  • There will be no handing out promotional products to other vendors during event times

12- None of the following products will be sold/ given away at these events, alcohol, or nicotine products.

  • If you sell aroma products ie Scentsy, Young Living there is to be NO BURNING OR DIFFUSING of products, water is permitted.
    • FRAGRANCE FREE market soaps etc must be WRAPPED .. complete product listing is necessary.

13- Advertising of events

  • I will advertise via Yard Signs along Dunmore Rd, Radio, Social Media, Event Page
  • It is highly recommended to promote yourself on the face book event page or social media sites tagging SFEM. It’s a free way to advertise yourself.
  • We ask you use OUR event pages rather then your own found on fb OR under “market” tab here on the website. All SFEM Event Pages
  • The best way to promote these events is still word of mouth, share the event pages, social media, along with sharing the poster provided on our face book page.

14- Anyone who takes down earlier then closing time of SFEM will NOT be allowed back in the markets. It is disruptive and disrespectful to the Staff & Other Vendors. 

15- It is highly advisable to carry your own liability insurance.  All vendors are responsible for their own table / area and products. We will not be held responsible. 

17- ALL information will be emailed out 1-2 weeks prior to each event.

18- Aggression towards manager, other vendors, or customers (as deemed by the Manager, will result in immediate expulsion from all events organized by the SFEM.

  1. The SFEM has a zero-tolerance policy for childish or negative behavior as it is affecting to the image of the market as well as other vendor’s sales. The SFEM will exercise its right to ask you to leave if your behaviour is considered negative by the manager. This includes and is not limited to verbal statements and online posting.
  2. The market is not the place to solve or discuss issues. All issues are to be addressed directly to the manager in a respectful manner. Aggression, verbal abuse or negative behavior will not be tolerated and may result in expulsion. Email after or call [email protected]/ 403 866 5208
  3. Come happy and prepared to do business in a professional manner. Your appearance and body language matter.

19-Something for Everyone Market has final say on vendor approval & table layout.